Who would have imagined that you could see glaciers this size disappear within such a short time?

The simple answer is that it depends when we asked for them to imagine!  It was not so long ago that we could not be certain that the reports of climate change were not just a passing phase in the normal cycle of weather patterns. There was a balanced dialogue in the scientific world and many outside the circle of experts were confused by misleading reports.

Now, there are very few who have looked at the facts that would question the scientific evidence that attributes much of the recent climate change trend to man emissions from fossil fuels. However, there are still some people that still find the inconvenient truth too hard to comprehend; they may never be influenced without having seen evidence first hand.  Many of them may have claimed to be impartial but simply would rather not look for the facts.

Now there is a film that must be seen.  It records the changing Arctic landscape over a period of years but recorded with time lapse photography so that the story unfolds in a few seconds.  Chasing Ice is the story of how James Balog, previously a climate change skeptic, saw with his own eyes the rate at which the Arctic landscape is changing.  The film documents his work on this project that started in the spring of 2005.

Balog worked over a few years with a band of young adventurers and some revolutionary time-lapse camera in the brutal Arctic conditions.  The footage that was captured has been compiled into an award winning film that provides a compelling opportunity for a night out that will change lives.  Thanks to a small group of sponsors in Hampshire we have arranged to show this film at the Intech Science  Centre & Planetarium near Winchester.

See a preview of the film at this site http://bit.ly/YExukT  

Book your tickets for one of two viewings on the 9thMarch only by visiting this site http://bit.ly/XrQz8H