Overview: Wendy’s blog is all about cycling to work and being greener that way.  It’s short, snappy and a light hearted read. 


Week 1: Left home full of enthusiasm and energy, proudly wearing brand new lycra shorts over short white chubby legs, brand new colourful jacket, brand new helmet and brand new cycling shoes.  Arrived at work 30 minutes later wheezing, sweating, mascara running, red faced and legs shaking so much could only walk sideways for some reason.  Plus, when helmet removed found fringe had stuck to forehead and rest of beautifully coiffed hair (I wish) had gone frizzy and in total disarray.  Resembled love child of Cleo Laine following one night stand with a panda.  As crawled through reception sobbing quietly someone said I was ‘setting an example’. Not sure what sort of example they thought I was setting.  Presumably not a good one.  


Week 2: Elderly gentleman walking dog cheerfully said good morning as overtook me. Managed to wheeze back couple of embarrassed gasps.  Unable to cycle around final corner of cycle track as when attempt to turn 90owobble and fall into overgrown hedge of stinging nettles.  No dock leaves nearby so must be careful. Don’t mind as good excuse to get off and walk up nasty last steep bit of hill. 


Week 3: Fell off bike into hospice flower garden.  Flattened bluebell.  Hope it recovers.


Week 4: Bluebell plant has been removed.  Nobody mentions am setting example any more.  Can understand why.


Until next month,

Wendy ‘Wiggo’ Quick