We had a busy time introducing Karen Cannard to the Hexham River Hydro project the differnece that it will make to our community for years to come.

In just over 24 hours Karen sat in on one of our group meetings, visited Tyne Green where we hope to install our 100kW turbine, saw a snap shot of all that goes on already in Hexham and got a feel for what we could achieve in the town if the project is successful.

Karen joined the community choir in one of their rehearsals, experienced a warm welcome at the Tap and Spile and explored the independent shops in and around the town centre. She scrambled on the banks of the Tyne and saw numerous salmon endeavouring to leap up the weir – watched by an optimistic heron - and got a feel for the power of the water which we hope to harness in this beautiful spot. The River Tyne east of the bridge

As well as this Karen experienced the spirit of community and partnership working which is at the heart of our project. Securing the financial future of the Hexham Community Partnership through the income the project will allow us to generate in future will do so much help maintain the fantastic work going on in our community and Karen’s visit really helped to demonstrate this. The Mums’ group at Number 28 busy making Christmas cards to sell at the Christmas Market to bring in funds for Hexham East, students from Mencap’s Dilston College gaining valuable work experience operating the cinema café, enthusiastic young people at Hexham Youthy, and staff at the Sure Start Children’s Centre in the heart of Hexham East all joined in in their support for the Hexham River Hydro project and what they see it can do for the future of their community.

Thank you for voting for us - and please ask your friends to vote too.

This is a project that can make a huge differnece to a small town for years to come!