We need some help to identify local recommendation for companies and Co-ops that have delivered a good service in our community.  We hope that if these enterprises are from our local area, they might like to participate in our Community Energy Engagement Event.  The event will run on Saturday 24thMarch from 1000 – 1300 hrs in the Old Basing Village hall and we hope to have all the exhibitors in place before the doors open.

The opportunity created by DECC LEAF to run this event is an excellent one; we are very fortunate to have received the award.  There is no doubt that every time we make an opportunity for the conversation to focus, even for a short while, on energy and fuel use we move a step closer to resilience.  It is not just about turning things down and switching them off it is about changing the way that we choose to spend our money.  To achieve that we need to recognize the value in the options that are presented to us.  For that to be possible we need a strong portfolio of suppliers that are motivated by delivering the best solutions for their local market.

There is no doubt in my mind that we have an opportunity to strengthen communities as we cooperate on topics such as renewable energy and local produce.  Digging for growth is not everyone’s idea of fun but we all find hard work more enjoyable if we are doing the chores together.  With this in mind I believe that forming small groups to learn and work together on delivery of energy saving projects and other community solutions could be a real opportunity for fun and progress!   

Basingstoke Energy Services Co-operative seeks to work with members, communities, business customers and competitors to help develop a community dialogue.  We seek to establish a broader awareness of how our lifestyle can evolve towards a more sustainable future.  We seek to encourage growth in a market that we could enjoy where there is room for a good mix of well qualified, good quality, local specialists delivering local goods and services that are needed.  Such a market would be a healthy commercial environment that stimulates innovation and reward for hard work and focus on excellence / value for money.   

We welcome the chance to stimulate more engaging dialogue that includes a diverse range of views on the topics that need to be addressed.  This is not about world domination with my view or yours.  It is about respecting the talents of others and striving to improve our own.  It is about competing for work and winning on merit.  It is about admiring the excellence in others’ work and striving to advance beyond their standards while helping other to avoid the mistakes we have made.  It is a community where sharing is seen as a strength that will inspire people and new competitive opportunities to develop. 

If you are inspired to be part of this brave new world where greed could be displaced by a passion for delivering the right solution please join us in Old Basing on the 24thMarch.  Let the adventure begin!